Izakaya eats and extras

Edamame w/ salt & Korean chilli sauce £4.25

Pickles – sweet daikon and salt cucumber pickles £3.50 (VG) / Kimchi £3.50

Miso soup with wakame & spring onion £3

Panko prawns with spicy kewpie £8.50

Steamed hirata bun sando – slaw, pickles , QP & your choice of topping £5 each

Smoked tofu & kimchi gyoza £6 / Fried potatoes okonomiyaki style £4.50

Sashimi of the day, ginger, wasabi, shiso £12

Okonomiyaki with hispi, kimchi & smoked cheese £12 / Classic okonomiyaki £10

Onsen egg £2 / Extra nori 50p / Steamed sushi or genmai rice £3


Chirashi sushi boxes

Genmai brown rice or shari sushi rice topped with pickles, seaweed & cucumber, & today’s salad special.

Choose from:

Sashimi, ginger & wasabi £15

Panko prawn & spicy kewpie £15

Sashimi and panko prawn with spicy kewpie, ginger & wasabi £17.50

Smoked pressed tofu with almonds & sesame or panko tofu and goma dressing £14



Ramen – Our ramen has a light chicken broth with shoyu-yuzu tare, Japanese made noodles, nori, ginger, nitamago egg, greens, sesame & negi oil

Choose from:

Prawn or free-range chicken £16.50 / Smoked tofu (with vegan broth) £15.50

Tsukemen ‘summer ramen’ – room temperature soba or ramen noodles, spring onions, nori, nitamago egg and a bowl of hot broth served on the side.  

Choose from:

Chicken or panko prawn £16.50 / Chicken and prawn £17.50 / Smoked tofu £15.50



Soy milk & cherry blossom ice cream with amarena cherries £4

Matcha cheesecake, malted caramel crumb, coconut £6

Hot chocolate & miso fondant (allow 15 minutes) £7.50


If you have any allergies we need to be aware of, please do talk to your server.